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Practical steps for reducing your stress at work

Shutterstock Part of my job as a psychologist is to observe – observe patterns of behavior, be attune to my own thoughts and feelings, and to derive some potentially helpful information from patterns I see. I have observed some factors in life that really wear people down – they are not really hidden but are often subtle. Sometimes they are obvious and plain, but people (both the person experiencing the aspect of life as well as those around them) tend to minimize the impact the issue has on their life. So let me share some of my observations (remember, psychologists are often ‘masters of the obvious!’) The Busyness of Daily Life People are busy — at work, at home, with their families. There seems to be little “margin” built into our lives — we are scheduled from dawn to midnight, with little time for rest and re-energizing. Both managers and employees state that the major reason appreciation isn’t communicated more is because of busyness. In fact, I devote a whole chapter in The Vibrant Workplace to the issue of why we are so busy at work and steps to create some “space” for each of us. Health Issues and Chronic Pain Individuals who struggle with chronic pain are well aware of how even persistent low levels of pain can wear a person down. But those of us who are blessed not to have this struggle can experience it intermittently. Not too long ago my right ankle started bothering me […]

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