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JBL Plans To Work With Even More Artists For Their Next Music Festival

Artist Khalid as a JBL brand ambassador.

Artist Khalid as a JBL brand ambassador. Courtesy of JBL Brand activations dominate many music festivals . Unless it’s done right, these experiences can sometimes feel forced and unnecessary. Typically festival goers are left with free products many will never use again, while others simply free load off food samples or air-conditioning. To avoid in-genuine connections with their target audience, JBL went all in and created their very own musical experience. This year marked JBL Fest’s third time in action with veteran and ambassador Priyanka Chopra Jonas. The series of events lasted for three days at the heart of the Las Vegas strip. Shaquille O’Neal kicked things off with a throwback set alongside legendary hip hop group Run-D.M.C. Jonas kept the energy going on the second night by hosting a series of musical performances featuring a number of chart-topping artists. Fans were treated with appearances from Tigerlily, Bebe Rexha, and a special DJ set by Armin Van Buuren. Then, Khalid, who was recently named JBL’s newest ambassador, and Mabel were the cherry on top as they closed out the festival live from the Brooklyn Bowl. To say 2019’s JBL Fest was eventful would be a major understatement. Once the festival wrapped up, Forbes reflected on what went down with JBL CMO Ralph Santana in an interview below. He elaborated on how the festival initially came to be and as we continued to chat, he also couldn’t help drop hints on what his team is already planning for next year. […]

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