Roy Gilbert

Homeless to Hopeful: How I Went From Poor & Pregnant To Being A Six-Figure Single Mom

Photo by Kristel Hayes on Unsplash Back in the fall of 2013, I was quickly crashing down from what I’d call a borderline delusion. About 8 months earlier, I fell in love with a man online and I quickly traded my life in the Twin Cities for the pursuit of a romance with him in Tennessee. Our relationship read much like a soapy shojo manga. He was married and had 3 kids. He was also a chronic cheater and by mid-November I was pregnant… and then we were done. One week, we were getting married. His divorce was finalized and he gave me my dream rose-gold and rose quartz ring. The next week, he was positive that he didn’t want to get married again because he’d “never been alone.” At 32-years-old, I knew enough about men to understand that codependent guys typically use the statement that they’ve never been alone as a reason to break up and see other people. He was no exception and he informed me that he needed me to leave our shared 2-bedroom apartment so he could have his space. Everything that transpired between us isn’t what matters today. Thank god. But back then, I still had undiagnosed borderline personality disorder and I genuinely believed that my fiance leaving me homeless, heartbroken, and pregnant was the absolute worst thing that ever could have happened to me. I lost most of my will to fight that winter. I have PCOS and doctors always told me that […]

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