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This popular new perk may convince employees to delay retirement, says new Harvard study

The option to work from home has become an increasingly desired perk — and companies are paying attention. In 2017, a Gallup poll collected data from more than 195,600 US employees and found that 43% of Americans worked remotely "at least sometimes." That same year, the US Census Bureau reported that 5.2% (or 8 million) employees were based entirely at home. That share was up from 5% in 2016, and 3.3% in 2000. But a new form of remote work is starting to gain popularity: Working from anywhere (WFA), in which workers can live and work wherever they choose, whether it be in the US or an entirely different country. Unlike most work from home (WFH) programs, the option to work from anywhere adds even more value by granting employees geographic flexibility. For example, a WFH employee can spend their lunch hour running errands, while a WFA employee can do that and also move to a location closer to family and/or with a lower cost of living. WFA may convince employees to delay retirement So far, only a small handful of U.S. companies have implemented WFA programs , such as UnitedHealth Group, SAP and Akamai . However, about 95% of remote jobs in the U.S . require a person to be based in a set location. But researchers from Harvard University and Northeastern University suggest that more employers may need to offer greater geographic flexibility if they want to attract and retain top talent — specifically, those with greater […]

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