Roy Gilbert

These are the 8 lists that you need when starting a job search

A job search has a lot of moving parts. From finding positions to filling out applications to sending follow-up notes, it can be easy to let things slip through the cracks. Instead of missing out on a good opportunity, think of your job search like an ongoing project where you’re the project manager, suggests Cheryl Hyatt, cofounder of Hyatt-Fennell Executive Search . “Strategic lists can help you focus your energy on the substance of your applications and interviews rather than getting mired down in distracting details,” she says. Here are eight lists you need to make to track your progress and find your next job. 1. Employers Start with is a list of 10 to 15 potential employers, says Jill Gugino Panté, director of the Lerner Career Services Center at the University of Delaware. “This list is important because it makes your search more targeted and manageable,” she says. “Once you have this list, you can start seeing what jobs are posted, which alumni work there, what events they will be attending, what connections you have on LinkedIn, and, more importantly, you can share this list with your internal networks. “It’s difficult for people to help you when you tell them you’re looking for a job in finance, for example. But when you say, you are looking to get hired at XYZ company (in finance), people can already make those connections in their networks.” If you don’t know where to start when assembling your dream employer list, look at […]

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