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Service tradition runs through Sigler family

Robert Trevor Tanner Sigler

Precinct 1 Deputy Constable Robert Sigler, center, with his sons Trevor Sigler, left, and Tanner Sigler. Trevor, like his father before him, serves with the Cleburne Police Department. Tanner serves with the Fort Worth Police Department. Val Sigler marvels over the fact that she managed to gather her family together Thursday evening for a photo shoot at the Guinn Justice Center. “It took a little work,” Sigler said with a laugh. “Very rarely are we able to get everyone together at the same time. Thanksgiving we had turkey dinner at midnight because that was the only time we could get everyone together.” Sigler, in between pictures, attempts with mixed results to keep the rest of her family on point. “There they go again,” Sigler jokes as her husband, Robert Sigler, and two sons, Tanner and Trevor Sigler, strike up another bout of cop talk. Trevor’s wife, Vivian Sigler, mocks Tanner’s mustache while one brother asks the other if he got his police badge from a Cracker Jack box. Robert Sigler muses that his sons are like night and day quipping that one required maybe 12 spankings in his life while the other went through about that many a week. Kidding around aside, his pride in what they’ve accomplished beams through. All in the family are in one way or another connected to law enforcement or the justice system. No doubt a host of errant Cleburne drivers still refer to Robert Sigler as that [insert the adjective of your choice] […]

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