Roy Gilbert

The PROFILE Coworking Business Club, Vancouver, Celebrates 10 Years

Sometimes it’s all in the name. The PROFILE Coworking Business Club is typically named among the top 5 best coworking spaces in Vancouver. It’s not the fanciest, doesn’t try to be a "hybrid" anything and certainly doesn’t want to be called an incubator, but it is the largest. Founders Kevin Penstock and Sunny Hundle don’t spend big bucks on Google ads or any sort of advertising, for that matter, yet they fill their three Vancouver spaces with a diverse group of entrepreneurs who clamour for their space for any number of reasons. Whatever it is, they have been successfully providing a good work environment for 10 years this month. They don’t produce their own workshops, and don’t intend to, but they facilitate workshops that seem to be going on, in one location or another, all the time. Kevin studied all the models and realized to be in this business you need to provide a workspace that meets a number of needs. He also said he wasn’t keen on incubators and simply preferred the coworking model. He also knows from watching others that many models simply don’t work. He realizes that people need to be very close to a transit hub, the space has to be inclusive and management has to fight the urge to try to create a "community." I was most curious about this last comment. I’ve owned a small cowork space that wasn’t one of the successful ones. I knew what he meant by community. If the […]

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