Roy Gilbert

Pennsylvania College Road Trip: CMU

In 1900, Pittsburgh steel giant and philanthropist Andrew Carnegie donated money to start the Carnegie Institute of Technology. In 1967, Carnegie Tech merged with the Mellon Institute of Industrial Research –founded by industrial technology investor Andrew W. Mellon – to create Carnegie Mellon University . Today, CMU offers 80 majors and is home to more than 100 research centers in fields including cybersecurity, economic development and energy. Renowned for engineering , it also offers competitive programs in architecture, art, design and drama. Students can even fuse the arts and tech, or other disciplines, through the university’s Integrative Design, Arts and Technology program, known as IDeATe. Junior David Perry, from New York City, is pursuing a self-defined degree connected to IDeATe that combines mechanical engineering, design, and materials and craft. His work was part of an annual campuswide fashion show focused on infusing technology and complex materials with fashion. CMU’s roughly 6,700 undergraduates are serious about academics, but students say it’s not a competitive place. "One thing that runs through our entire campus is passion," says Tess Chan, a senior from New York City majoring in electrical and computer engineering. That attitude often extends beyond the classroom to extracurricular activities –there are more than 300 clubs – and campus traditions. For instance, for "Booth" and "Buggy" at Spring Carnival, students spend countless hours prepping a booth (a themed fun house) or a buggy (a racing vehicle with a student inside). CMU’s 148-acre campus is 5 miles from downtown in the […]

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