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How to Shift to a Consumer Mindset to Modernize Your Workforce

SPONSOR CONTENT FROM KPMG KPMG helps you meet today’s workforce challenges while charting a path to tomorrow’s growth. In the future, organizations will be responding to new or increasing workforce pressures such as a diversifying workforce, rise in contingent labor, intelligent automation in the workplace and a shift to a consumer mindset. In response, leaders must shift their mindset from a focus on process to a focus on talent, which in itself has changed drastically. Julie Devoll, Harvard Business Review Welcome to the HBR Audio Quick Take. I’m Julie Devoll, editor of Special Projects and Webinars at HBR. And here with me today is Mike DiClaudio. Mike is a principal in KPMG’s Human Capital Advisory Practice with 20 years of business consulting experience. Mike’s job is to help organizations meet the needs of a 21st-century workforce by driving enhanced employee experience. He consults regularly to HR leaders in the Fortune 500 and lives in Detroit. Mike, thanks so much for joining us today. Mike DiClaudio, KPMG Human Capital Advisory Practice Hey Julie, thanks for having me. Julie Devoll, Harvard Business Review So how is the talent market evolving? And what does this mean for your clients and how work gets done in the future? Mike DiClaudio, KPMG Human Capital Advisory Practice What we’re seeing with the talent market in general, and what our clients are therefore asking for in particular, is a real shift toward a consumerism model for talent. So organizations are starting to treat their employees and […]

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