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Gig-a-bytes: these 5 startups are helping freelancers with end-to-end solutions


Many in the creative field aver that they get more done on the days they work from home. The reasons – less travel time and a comfortable environment. Being your own boss has its pluses. Freelancing in today’s digital ecosystem has come of age – Flexible working hours, working on projects that help you grow and choosing what work works for you. It’s no surprise then that India is one of the major hubs of the new-age gig economy. A 2017 EY study found that 24 percent of the world’s gig workers come from India . Then, a 2018-PayPal report reiterated this by stating that one in every four freelancers is from India. Dominating the software ecosystem, India accounts for 50 percent of global freelancers, a majority under the age of 40. Besides the popular ones – Zirtual, AskSunday, and, many other startups are boosting India’s burgeoning gig economy. From sourcing freelancers to enabling payments, YourStory lists startups that are facilitating the gig economy. Flexiple Team Flexiple Founded in 2016 by three IIM-Ahmedabad graduates – Karthik Sridharan, Hrishikesh Pradeshi and Suvansh Bansal, Flexiple helps startups and entrepreneurs’ source and work with freelance developers and designers with diverse backgrounds and skillsets. These freelancers are usually backend developers, UX-experts and illustrators. The startup claims that some of their freelancers have worked with the likes of Amazon, Adobe, Microsoft, Ola and Goldman Sachs. The Bengaluru-based bootstrapped startup has on-boarded more than 200 freelancers from seven countries who have served more […]

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