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Despite life-threatening illness, Brunswick resident Roberta Davis writes ‘Joyful’ book

Roberta Davis

Roberta Davis BRUNSWICK, Ohio — Most people strive to be the best version of themselves. When Roberta Davis figured out she was not being her best self, she started searching for answers. Those answers led to a book as a way of helping others find a happier place. It all began when, at age 40, with debilitating migraines, she suffered a series of strokes. “I was working in the office of a law firm when the initial, small TIA happened,” she said of that first incident in 2005. The Brunswick resident and Brunswick High School graduate was determined to fight whatever this unwelcome disruption was. “My response to illness was to bring it on,” she said. “After all, I was a warrior and the daughter of Lloyd Davis. He was a man who in the face of life’s challenges would remind his children, you are a Davis and you are strong and that the best defense was a good offense.” Yet, the bad news kept piling on. She learned she had an inoperable brain aneurysm, then a hole in her heart. She suffered allergic reactions to medication, as well as blood clots and seizures. “I turned to medical professionals, family and friends for help, but they were at a loss — I could literally feel their frustration with me. I was exhausted and overwhelmed. My moods were swinging and my mind was racing. I was struggling to eat, losing weight and hair in the process. I didn’t like this […]

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