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Critic’s Notebook: ‘This Way Up’ Is More Than a Spiritual Cousin to ‘Fleabag’

The recent Hulu acquisition got lost in the shuffle but the big Emmy haul for the thematically and tonally similar (but not too similar)

Aisling Bea and Sharon Horgan in ‘This Way Up.’ As the Emmys and seemingly everyone watching in the audience and at home poured out love for Phoebe Waller-Bridge and her Fleabag , the little show that could but almost didn’t (three years ago in this same month a number of rave reviews still had a hard time convincing people to watch), I thought about a different show: This Way Up . It’s a series bought by Hulu from its British originators — and, well, more on that shortly. But I also thought how different the massive love for Fleabag this week was from the situation the show was in three years ago, which is helpful when considering an overlooked show like This Way Up , which some are already calling a cousin of sorts to Fleabag . For starters, five weeks before Fleabag’ s first season premiered on Amazon as a co-production I wrote a column about how Amazon was struggling, as a new content provider, in differentiating its originals from shows it had streaming rights to, having bought them from others. In short: Amazon shows weren’t getting much special love; they were tossed in with the rest of the offerings, like products. It was hard to get noticed that way since people were very new to the idea that Amazon made its own TV series in addition to selling toilet paper and watches, etc. There wasn’t much hype for Fleabag , or advertising. There were 19 reviews for […]

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